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MURPHYS Oil Soap Wood Cleaner - Gallon Bottle

Item #: MUR 01103 By ( MURPHYS OIL )

MUR 01103 | MURPHYS Oil Soap Wood Cleaner
Murphy® Oil Soap is natural and gentle cleaning power, is the quick, convenient way to clean wood floors. There's no mixing or diluting, in one step, you can safely reveal the natural beauty of wood floors with no dull or sticky residue.
Murphy® Oil Soap does not contain ammonia, bleach or oils.
Cleans wood, leather, vinyl and other fine-quality surfaces. Contains no harsh abrasives.

Uses of Murphy® Oil Soap :
^- Finished Wood Surfaces:
*- Bookcases
- Cabinets
- Laminate floors
- Tables and chairs
- Wood floors
- Wood paneling

^- Non-Wood Surfaces:
* - Cars
- Ceramic tile
- Laundry stains
- No-wax floors
- Painted surfaces
- Vinyl

How to Use Murphy® Oil Soap on:
^Floors (Finished Wood, Laminate, No-Wax and Tile):
*- Dilute

  •   Item Number: MUR 01103
  •   4 Bottles per Case
  •   Gallon Bottle
  •   Contains plant-based and coconut-based cleaning agents, filtered water and natural fragrance.
  •   Industrial Size

Shipping Weight per Case : 35.60 lbs

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