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SSS Step Up Dispenser - 2000 mL, Gray

Item #: SSS 34064 By ( TRIPLE S )

SSS 34064 | SSS Step Up Dispenser
Upgrade your skin care systems with the new generation of Quality Skin Care dispensers. The Step-Up System holds twice the amount of product in the same amount of wall space.
Step-Up represents a new generation of Quality Skin Care. More product in the same amount of space as old-style bag-in-box dispensers means less time is spent in refilling dispensers. Incidents of empty dispensers are greatly reduced. TouchFree and manual dispensers give you the ability to match the
specific needs of your facility to the dispenser option that best meets those needs.

TouchFree Hygiene
Promote a hygienic environment in your restrooms by selecting the unique Step-Up TouchFree dispenser. Technology, performance and dependability are combined in the Step-Up TouchFree dispenser. Product is dispensed quickly without the fear of cross-contamination.
Refills fit both styles of dispensers. The sanitary sealed refills
empty fully and are easy to replace.

  •   Item Number: SSS 34064
  •   Triple S Step Up Dispenser, Gray, 2000 mL, 8/CS
  •   8/CS
  •   2000 mL, Gray
  •   Sanitary-sealed
  •   Large viewing window
  •   Free Shipping

Shipping Weight per Case : 1.50 lbs

NOTE: The product title and description supersedes the picture shown. The picture provided by the manufacturer is not always exact.

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