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SSS FoamClean Touch Free Dispenser - Gray - 1000 mL

Item #: SSS 44609 By ( TRIPLE S )

SSS 44609 | SSS FoamClean Touch Free Dispenser - Gray
SSS FoamClean Touch Free Dispenser - Dove gray is a wall mount Foam Soap System (Proprietary SSS Keyed System)

Dispense from the top: This dispenser valve placement lets users see the amount of product being dispensed into thier hand, thus reducing waste caused by over dispensing, (Dispenses 0.75ml per push)
Easy to See Indicator Lights: the sensor lights up blue when a hand placed underneath it, soap is released immediately. it lights up red when the battries is empty.
Large View Window: the large view window makes it simple to monitor the soap level.
Dynamic Design: smooth contemporary lines, textured non-glaring surface, durable ABS plastic, optimum color choices and "footprint" that is similar to the most bag-in-box dispensers combine to make TouchFree the ideal choice. Choose from versatile Dove Gray or Black.
Modular Battery Pack: uses 6 AA batteries (included) that can be changed without tools.
Guaranteed Leakproof: by placing the dispenser pump at the top of the dispenser rather than the bottom, the risk of leaking at the valve is eliminated.
Keyed Locking Option: for added security, features keyed locking option. They can be converted from non-locking to locking and back.

** Only accepts FoamClean refill cartridges (SSS 44098, SSS 44258, SSS 44097, SSS 44600, SSS 44096, SSS 44095, SSS 44142 )

  •   Item Number: SSS 44609
  •   Triple S FoamClean TF Dispenser - Gray, 6/CS
  •   6/CS
  •   1000 mL
  •   Black, Immediate product release
  •   Only accepts FoamClean refill cartridges
  •   Free Shipping

Shipping Weight per Case : 1.50 lbs

NOTE: The product title and description supersedes the picture shown. The picture provided by the manufacturer is not always exact.

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