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Miller Twin Turbo Fall Protection System, D-Ring Connector - 12/6FT

Item #: MFL MFLB-12/6FT By

MFL MFLB-12/6FT | Miller Twin Turbo Fall Protection System, D-Ring Connector
Miller Twin Turbo Fall Protection System:
- Replacement for double-legged shock-absorbing lanyards
- Innovative design that easily connects to most fall protection harnesses with non-coated metallic back D-rings
- Increases worker productivity and versatility with freedom of movement – less restrictive than other units on the market
- Permits TurboLite PFLs to swivel in multiple directions for greater mobility; the swivel action prevents webbing from twisting and binding inside of the unit
- Webbing payout smoothly extends/retracts without interruption
- Easy-to-use and assemble/disassemble
- Adapts to most Miller TurboLite PFL models
- Meets all applicable OSHA 1926.502, 1910.66; ANSI Z359-2007 and A10.32; and CSA Z259.12-01 requirements

  •   Item Number: MFL MFLB-12/6FT
  •   6-Foot Size
  •   12/6FT
  •   100% tie-off fall protection
  •   Free Shipping

Shipping Weight per Case : 6.70 lbs

NOTE: The product title and description supersedes the picture shown. The picture provided by the manufacturer is not always exact.

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