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SSS FreshWave IAQ Air & Surface Spray - 64 Oz.

Item #: SSS 619-SSS By ( TRIPLE S )

SSS 619-SSS | SSS FreshWave IAQ Air & Surface Spray
SSS FreshWave IAQ Air & Surface Spray:

A rapid and targeted method of odor elimination. Instantly bonds to and eliminates odor molecules. The Air & Surface Liquid and Spray have an initial mild aroma, a result of the natural essential oil formula, that quickly dissipates.

- Entranceways, Lobbies, Meeting Rooms, Workout Facilities, Childcare Facilities
- Maintenance Carts: Place the Air & Surface 32-oz.Spray on every cart.
- Housekeeping: Use the 1-gallon size to eliminate odors from vomit, urine, and sewage. Add to rinse water in wash or mop buckets.
- Restrooms: Use the 1-gallon size to add to a mop bucket, and saturate grout in older restrooms.
- Cooking Odors: Curry, garlic, and exotic spices
- Large Spaces: Use an M130 Vapor Phase Unit or a ULV cold (wet) fogger to deliver Air & Surface Liquid. If using a cold fogger, select a unit with a micron control.

  •   Item Number: SSS 619-SSS
  •   Triple S, SSS/FreshWave IAQ Air & Surface Concentrate, 64 Oz., 1/Cs.
  •    64 Oz.
  •   Free Shipping

Shipping Weight per Each : 4.80 lbs

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