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SSS Jaguar 26R Micro Rider Scrubber - 26", w/4 - 242 AH wet batteries

Item #: SSS 86015 By ( TRIPLE S )

SSS 86015 | SSS Jaguar 26R Micro Rider Scrubber
SSS Jaguar 26R Micro Rider Scrubber:

- 26 inch disc scrub path for high productivity.
- 21 gallon solution and recovery tanks extend the time between dump and refills.
- EcoBoss dispensing system puts you in charge of the cleaning performance.
- Onboard detergent dispensing system saves money, time and the environment.
- Sliding scrub deck eliminates side skirts.
- Quiet mode for cleaning in noise sensitive environments.
- Small compact size for superior maneuverability.
- Low step height, wide seat and open operators compartment makes it easy to use by anyone.
- Machine controls mounted on the steering wheel makes using the machine safe and easy.
- Large recovery tank opening makes cleanout a breeze.
- Debris catch cage helps prevent clogged drains.
- Integrated squeegee hanger makes it easy to transport through narrow doorways.

Increasing Productivity:
The Jaguar 26R is the perfect machine for education, healthcare and other public facilities looking for a compact and highly productive rider scrubber. With a 26 inch cleaning path and a scrub speed of 3.7 MPH, it cleans more area in less time that conventional walk-behind scrubbers.

Easy to Use:
Built-in squeegee hanger now makes transporting through tight doorways a breeze. Ease of maintenance is also improved with better access and handling of the squeegee.

Easy Maintenance:
The Jaguar 26R has a unique feature that allows the solution tank to be vacuumed out into the recovery tank.
This provides a clean water rinse of the dirty water tank, making maintenance easy.

Greater Safety:
The controls are mounted inside the steering wheel. This makes changing settings quick and easy. Operating the machine with a quick glace at the controls increases safety for the operator, building occupants and the facility.

More Flexibility:
Cleaning tight and congested spaces limit the applications of larger riders. The Jaguar 26R has an overall length of just 53.5 inches and a aisle turning radius of 59 inches which opens up new cleaning opportunities with greater productivity

Lowering the Cost of Ownership:
The EcoBoss onboard detergent system saves money, time and the environment. EcoBoss uses less expensive bulk detergents and ensures every drop is used to clean the floor and not dumped down the drain. Filling the machine is faster when it is filled with pure water and maintenance costs are reduced.
Onboard detergent eliminates the need to waste time emptying the solution tank, and fresh chemicals never enter the waste water stream.

  •   Item Number: SSS 86015
  •   Triple S, SSS Jaguar 26R Micro Rider Scrubber,w/4-242Ah wet batteries, 1/Ea
  •   Brush Motor 0.54 hp (400 Watts)
  •   26", w/4 - 242 AH wet batteries
  •   Vacuum Motor : 0.56 hp (420 Watts)
  •   Sound Pressure Level : High Setting = 65 dB(A), Low Setting = 61 dB(A)
  •   Free Shipping

Shipping Weight per Each : 747.00 lbs

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