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SSS Fresh Start Washroom Tub & Tile Cleaner - Gallon Bottle

Item #: SSS 13147 By ( TRIPLE S )

SSS 13147 | SSS Fresh Start Washroom Tub & Tile Cleaner
Products marked with the TRIPLE S EarthCare™ seal must meet recognized green standards or have features that contribute to the preservation or sustainability of a healthy environment. Formulated with new environmentally-preferred, high performance technology, this washroom general purpose cleaner removes soap scum, water scale, urine deposits, lime, suntan and body lotions and other tough soils common in a washroom. Safe for use on porcelain, tile, ceramic tile, painted surfaces, aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass and other surfaces common to the restroom. It will also remove unpleasant odors caused by urine and mildew form porous surfaces like floors and walls. Ideal for hospitals, schools, kitchens, restrooms, offices, fitness centers, institutions, kitchens, and many other types of facilities. Fresh Start Washroom Tub & Tile Cleaner has been 3rd party certified by Green Seal according to GS-37 Environmental Standard.

Areas of Use:
For use on a variety of surfaces:
- Tile, ceramic tile, porcelain
- Partitions, fiberglass aluminum, stainless steel
- Most surfaces found in restrooms, shower areas and locker rooms

  •   Item Number: SSS 13147
  •   Triple S FRESH START Washroom Tub & Tile Cleaner / 1 G
  •   4/cs
  •   Gallon Bottle
  •   Highly Concentrated, Excellent Performance
  •   Biodegradable, No Rinse Necessary

Shipping Weight per Case : 36.00 lbs

NOTE: The product title and description supersedes the picture shown. The picture provided by the manufacturer is not always exact.

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