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You're here : Home Gloves Disposable/Single Use ANSELL TNT® Blue Single-Use Gloves - Small, 100/Box

ANSELL TNT® Blue Single-Use Gloves - Small, 100/Box

Item #: ANS92675S By ( ANSELL )

ANS92675S | ANSELL TNT® Blue Single-Use Gloves
ANSELL TNT® Blue Single-Use Gloves The glove contains absolutely no fillers, additives, silicones, or plasticizers. TNT gloves set a whole new standard in durability and chemical splash protection. Style: Disposable; Wrist Style: Rolled/Beaded; Material(s): Nitrile; Color(s): Blue.

  •   Item Number: ANS92675S
  •   Tnt Blue Single-Use Gloves, Small
  •   100/Box
  •   Small, 100/Box
  •   Color(s): Blue
  •   Wrist Style: Rolled/Beaded
  •   Length 9.70" x Width 4.80" x Height 3.20"

Shipping Weight per Box : 1.20 lbs

NOTE: The product title and description supersedes the picture shown. The picture provided by the manufacturer is not always exact.

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Only: $13.27 Per Box


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