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SSS NewAge Recoat Conditioner & Prep Cleaner - 5 Gallons / 1 Pail

Item #: SSS 32004 By ( TRIPLE S )

SSS 32004 | SSS NewAge Recoat Conditioner & Prep Cleaner
SSS NewAge Recoat conditioner & Prep Cleaner is a specially formulated recoat adhesion system for all types of polyurethane finished hardwood floors, inlcuding factory prefinished floors. This product conditions and prepares existing finish to optimize adhesion of the new coat of finish.

Recommended Use :
- Aluminum oxide, ceramic, and other factory prefinished floors
- Basketball courts
- Volleyball courts
- Racquetball
- Badminton courts
- Multi-purpose gym and stage
- Aerobic floors

What the Pros Know :
Preventative maintenance will extend the life of your floor finish. Simple steps such as placing walk-off mats in door ways to keep out dirt and grit and avoiding excess moisture from tracked in water or leaks will prolong the life of your floor.
Having a planned daily maintenance schedule of dry mopping or damp mopping over spills can help reduce overall labor costs.
Periodic maintenance steps will be needed to keep the look and feel of the finish up to your standards.
With this step, an autoscrubber or 175 rpm buffer with a white pad is used with the NewAge Replay Maintenance Cleaner to give a more thorough, deep cleansing.
This will minimize the chance of contamination from damaging the floor and reducing overall labor costs.

  •   Item Number: SSS 32004
  •   Triple S Recoat Conditioner & Prep Cleaner, 1/5 Gal.
  •   Removes scuffs and surface scratches
  •   5 Gallons / 1 Pail
  •   Economical
  •   Fast and easy to use, Optimizes adhesion

Shipping Weight per Pail : 41.00 lbs

NOTE: The product title and description supersedes the picture shown. The picture provided by the manufacturer is not always exact.

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