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EDIC Used EDIC Polaris Carpet Extractor - 800PS

Item #: EDC 800PS By ( EDIC )

EDC 800PS | EDIC Used EDIC Polaris Carpet Extractor
This is a used EDIC Polaris Carpet extractor model 800PS in excellent condition, 8 gallon, self contained carpet extractor. It is in excellent working condition. It has a 15” brush, and two jets. It utilizes a 100psi pump. It has dual 2 stage bypass 200 cfm vacuum motors.
The Polaris™ comes equipped with dual vacuums to more thoroughly clean and dry carpets. Top quality construction combined with ease of operation make the Polaris™ consistently outperform the competition.

- Large wheels, adjustable handle and light-weight construction team up for easy handling and storage.
- Optional accessories quickly attach to the rear of the machine for cleaning stairs, upholstery, etc.
- Patented dual lift-off recovery buckets provide quick and convenient emptying.
- Patented four-wheel design for balance and reduced turning radius.
- High speed brush motor and brush guarantee powerful agitation to release deeply embedded soil and grit, extending carpet life.
- Patented brush system utilizes fully sealed stainless steel ball bearings for years of trouble-free operation.

  •   Item Number: EDC 800PS
  •   Used EDIC Polaris Carpet Extractor - 800PS
  •   100 PSI, Cleaning Width 19"
  •   800PS
  •   Tank Capacity: 8 gallon
  •   Dual, 2-Stage Bypass, 200 CFM, 3.5 HP

Shipping Weight per Each : 131.00 lbs

NOTE: The product title and description supersedes the picture shown. The picture provided by the manufacturer is not always exact.

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EDC 800PS - EDIC Used EDIC Polaris Carpet Extractor  - 800PS

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